K9 Unit

The canine team’s primary function is to assist members of the Sheriff’s Office.

K9 Fynn & K9 Mick assist in apprehending drugs and making the community drug free. A canine’s sense of smell can be over one million times stronger than a human. That, along with acute hearing, makes the K-9 a vital asset to the Sheriff’s Office and the community they serve.

K9 Scooby is a comfort dog that is trained to provide affection, comfort and support to children. He provides emotional support through his presence. K9 Scooby serves every day in our community and he will be dispatched in times of a crisis to bring comfort to those affected.


The Canine Unit is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond and assist patrol operations, detective functions as well as other missions. In addition to assisting in apprehending drugs and protecting the handler, the Sheriff’s Office Canine Unit helps comfort and support children affected by crimes within our community.


When not working, the K-9 lives at home with the handler. This is beneficial for both the canine and the handler as is strengthens the bond between them. The handler cares for the canine on a day to day basis in regards to feeding, cleaning, exercise, medical care, training, and socializing. This also enables the Canine Team to respond to a critical incident call with a prompt response team.