Harrison County Jail General Services

Clothing and Bedding Issues:

All inmates are issued jail clothing, bedding and a mattress. Clothing and bedding are washed six days a week.

Mail Service:

  • Jail officials may open and inspect mail received at the jail or sent from the jail by an inmate if they have reasonable suspicion or reliable information to believe it contains contraband or information in the correspondence may pose a serious threat to the staff, facility, inmate, or member of the community. 
  • If the mail is from a government official, courts, attorney, or representatives of the public news media and it is clearly marked as privileged, it must opened in the presence of the inmates. 
  • NO mail from another detention center may be received without prior approval of the Sheriff or Jail Commander. 
  • NO books or magazines will be accepted through the mail from an individual. They must come through the mail and mailed directly from the publisher.
  • NO packages allowed. No items can be delivered into the facility unless approved by the Jail Commander.
  • NO stickers, stains, tape, glue, staples, lipstick, perfume, paint can be affixed to the letter.
  • Third party mail will be returned to the sender.

Request System:

Inmates make requests for various reasons.  They may wish to communicate with an attorney, Chaplin, have medical issues, request a special visit, have something the wish to put into their property bag, request special phone calls, and a variety of other reasons.  A time stamped request system has been established to address these issues.

Inmate Commissary Account:

Family and friends can put money on an inmate's account so an inmate may purchase certain food and clothing items as well as a battery operated radio.  Each inmate has their own numbered cash account that they can use to order items available for purchase from the commissary. 

Money can be placed on the inmate's commissary account through the following methods:

    • Pay Online by visiting
    • Calling Ph#855-836-3364. The Inmate ID# will be required.


The inmates are provided three meals a day. Each meal served to the inmates is approved by a dietician in accordance with the Indiana Nutritional Standards.  The food preparation is overseen by the Kitchen Staff.


The Harrison County Jail provides transportation for inmates that need to go to the hospital or doctor's office (at the jail's discretion). The jail also provides transportation for inmates needing to come to Harrison County from other facilities. These transports are done at no cost to the inmate.