Harrison County Jail Counseling Programs

The Harrison County Indiana Jail Counselor is Jamie Crouse. Jamie Crouse has a Masters Degree in Social Work and is available to assist and counsel Jail inmates. 

Your Harrison County Jail Counselor can do the following for inmates:

  • Provide inmates halfway house applications
  • Provide therapy for mental health and substance abuse issues. (Limited due to time)
  • Provide contact numbers and addresses for resources to help inmates when released
  • Listen to inmates' mental health issues and provide feedback
  • How to adjust to being in jail and what inmates can do while here
  • Call an inmates' lawyer about mental health issues
  • Setup an initial appointment for therapy when released.

Your Harrison County Jail Counselor cannot do the following for inmates:

  • Get inmates a court date that is sooner than the one you have
  • Get inmates a furlough to a halfway house
  • Fax or mail any other documents, papers, etc. that are not related to mental health
  • Fix everything
  • Contact the resources I provide or set up inmate appointment with them
  • Help with medical issues or medications
  • Help with complaints for: doctor, jail, police, lawyers, judge, court, etc.
  • Help inmates with personal phone calls, visitation, or with getting custody of your children
  • Call an inmates' lawyer about anything else
  • Tell the court that an inmate is a LifeSpring patient before you start going